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Jewelry Repair

Unfortunately, like most things in life, jewelry suffers from wear and tear. Chains break, gems lose their luster, and rings somehow fit tighter on the finger. Don’t lose hope. A little maintenance, some refurbishing, and the occasional jewelry repair can restore the sparkle. At B’s Jewelers, most of our jewelry repair services are done in-house by experts using traditional goldsmithing techniques or a precision laser welding machine. Jewelry repair services include:

Free ring cleaning and inspection

Rings, more than other types of jewelry, take the most abuse as hands bump and knock against things all day. Ring prongs get bent, broken, lifted or cracked. Worn or broken prongs on rings can lead to diamonds or gemstones falling out. Bring in the rings you wear most for a FREE ring cleaning and ring inspection at least twice per year.

Prong and tip repair

If the prongs on your jewelry begin to snag or if the prongs begin to feel smooth or even with the stone, bring your jewelry in for an inspection. If needed, we’ll straighten, rebuild or replace the prongs. With a little jewelry repair, you can go about your day worry-free.

Ring sizing and resizing

Is your ring too tight and uncomfortable? Does your ring spin and slip off your finger? Don’t wait, bring your ring in today. We’ll size your ring up or down so you can wear it again and start enjoying the sparkle.

Ring shank repair

If the shank of your ring breaks or gets damaged, let us repair it. Many times we can repair a broken ring shank, however, if the shank is too thin for repair, we’ll will get you a new shank replacement.

Ring soldering

Do you wear more than one band ring on a finger? Let us join the rings together so you don’t worry about losing one. It’s most common to join engagement rings to wedding or anniversary bands. If you no longer want your rings joined, we can help with that too, by unsoldering your rings.

Ring and jewelry refurbishment

Is your jewelry not as brilliant looking as it was when you first purchased it? If your jewelry is losing its luster? Bring your jewelry in for refurbishing. Over time, the natural yellow tint contained in all white gold jewelry starts to show through. Did you know white gold and/or silver is often rhodium plated. Rhodium plating helps guard against scratches and creates a dazzling piece of jewelry. Do not forget about your yellow gold jewelry. Simply have a re-polish done and be astonished by the restored beauty. While your jewelry gets a fresh rhodium finish or polish, we’ll also clean and tighten any necessary stones.

Chain repair

Have a very fine chain or thin piece of jewelry that broke? Don’t throw it away, let it sit in a drawer, or pay to have it shipped somewhere else. Using the store’s laser welder, you may be surprised at the chains we can repair in-house. We can repair or replace miscellaneous fancy links on your chains or bracelets too.

Clasp replacement and repair

Need a clasp replaced on your chain, necklace, or bracelet? We can repair or replace most clasp types including lobster claw clasps, spring ring clasps, pearl clasps, etc. And our experts have the tools in-house to replace clasps on very fine chains and keep them flexible.

At B’s Jewelers, our experts also:

  • repair earrings by replacing broken or missing posts
  • restring pearl necklaces
  • replace the bail on pendants
  • replace o-rings in jewelry piercings
  • reconstruct or repair channel walls in ring bands

Need a jewelry repair? Visit the store today.